Cannabis industry

We have been serving the cannabis industry since 2014 and possess unique insight into the tax, financial, and regulatory issues affecting cannabis businesses.  Specifically, we have a deep understanding into how the federal tax code that applies to the cannabis industry – IRC 280E – impacts all of our above Tax Services and CFO Services.  IRC 280E is a complex part of the tax code and requires CPAs who are focused on the unexpected impact this code will have on all of your business decisions. 

Our firm is an expert in IRC 280E compliance and we will ensure that you navigate this far reaching tax code securely and effectively.  We currently serve the cannabis industry in Washington, Alaska, and Oregon.

Todd has been featured in numerous articles. Select highlights include those published by the New York State Society of CPAs, The Center for New Revenue, and Marijuana Venture.


Business owners and entrepreneurs create amazing products and provide unique, expert services.  By having Arkley Accounting in your corner, you can continue to focus on your strengths and passions.  Let us worry about the necessary financial and accounting requirements required by the IRS, the state, and your city.   We love and respect the drive and passion it takes to be your own boss and, as a fellow small business, we understand what you are going through.  Let us help you do well.


Artists are paid commissions, royalties, wages, advances, reimbursements, and more.  These payments usually aren’t regularly scheduled either, so it can be quite difficult to create a budget and to pay the requisite taxes to the IRS and the state.  Our goal is to create a simple, streamlined process in order for you to feel secure and confident that you are on budget and current with the taxing authorities.  We want you to focus on your creations and not your taxes.