photo by  Catherine Abegg

Todd Arkley, CPA, has been an accountant in private industry since 2000 and founded Arkley Accounting Group in 2014 in order to help small businesses and creative professionals grow and thrive.

Todd engages his technical mastery of accounting with a deep understanding of how finance underpins all business operations – taxes, mergers/acquisitions, profitability analyses, entity structuring, and business exits.  He knows that a good accountant, a good CFO, embraces the mission and vision of an organization. Finance is simply one facet of what makes an organization thrive.

He is also an expert in the burgeoning cannabis industry’s complex financial and tax concerns, specifically the far-reaching impact of the federal tax code, IRC 280E, on all aspects of a cannabis business.  He has written and spoken at length regarding these accounting and tax issues affecting the cannabis industry at the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit, the Center for Cannabis and Social Policy, the Center for New Revenue, and Marijuana Venture magazine.

Todd's previous forays into landscaping, farming, and Zen monkhood taught him patience and an attuned attention to detail. He often describes the accountant as a water wheel - one who efficiently shepherds resources to generate energy for growth. He is a member of the WSCPA and AICPA and also teaches cannabis taxation classes for CPAs, accounting students, and business owners.

For additional detail, view Todd's LinkedIn profile.  Todd also serves on the Board of the The Cannabis Alliance.

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Rochelle McElroy, CPA, has over a decade of experience helping businesses meet their operational and fiscal goals. As a third generation accountant who grew up under the shadow of Mt. Si, Rochelle understands the financial needs of local small business owners.

Rochelle recognizes financial information is heavily relied upon to inform significant business decisions with lasting impact to a company’s earning potential. Efficient accounting, effective financial control, and insightful reporting ensures a company runs smoothly with an eye for growth. She sees accountants partnering with management as key advisers who interpret results, forecast future returns, and ensure compliance.

Rochelle holds several advanced degrees in business including a Master of Science in Accounting from the UW and a MBA from WGU. Her forensic accounting coursework for the King County Prosecutor’s office was featured in the Herald Business Journal. She was also Chair of the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Committee and a Husky 100 nominee.

Outside of her passion for accounting, Rochelle studied Japanese for 8 years and taught English in Fukuoka, Japan with the JET Programme. She also studied abroad in Galway, Ireland and has her PMP. She is a member of the AICPA and various alumni associations.

For additional detail, view Rochelle’s LinkedIn profile.